Homemade Liquid Soap – notsomuch

Because I make soap, and my family’s strange, new love for liquid soap, this pin intrigued me. Of course I had to try it! I think I loved the charming homemade vessels in which to keep your new soap even more. So of course, I had to make my own one of those as well.
This is the recipe and link I originally followed and tried from Pinterest:


amongst others.
I have to say, after trying different variations of this same recipe, I never came up with a solution I was happy with. It separated and clumped up making pumping hard, therefore making the soap splatter all over the place. It was messy to say the least.

I did find the proper way to make liquid hand soap with potassium hydroxide. I haven’t made it yet. It seems to be a very long and arduous project. A lot of melting, mixing, re-melting, crock pot cooking, etc. Maybe it is not as bad as it looks though. I thought making regular soap daunting at first until I got the hang of it. It probably deserves a good try. Maybe when I procure some potassium hydroxide.

As for the handsome homemade soap vessels, this is one I did not try but liked very much. It would look great in a men’s bathroom:


But the link to the one I did make is here:


I drilled my own hole by putting the lid on first to hold it steady. Just choose your drill bit the size of the top portion of the pump’s tube. And, although I glue gunned it for extra sealing, the clumpy soap found its way through it anyway. I would show you the one I made but it is still sticky with soap, put away, out of sight for now.

So, unfortunately for this pin I vote not so good. But that is my just my conclusion on making liquid soap the quick and easy way. I had really hoped this would work though! How convenient would that be?! Although, I think the soap dispenser is well worth making!

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on liquid soap making. I would love to hear them! Until then live well and play hard~

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