No more weeds! Seriously!

I can’t sing the praises enough of raised bed gardening. I began using this method two years ago. I had previously planted in-ground. I would break out the tiller, run extensive watering systems, and fight the weeds every year for about five years. I had had  enough.  Although, I will admit I am a lazy weed puller. My garden was taken over, year after year.

Planting in a raised bed allowed me to incorporate a little deterrent. I didn’t want to afford a couple rolls of plastic, so I researched and found the wet newspaper method. I couldn’t lose. It was free (I had some old ones already), and easy, (just put down before you add dirt), and less envasive to my back yard!

It workded! It worked like a charm! I had ‘practically’ no weeds return. And what did, I could definately keep up with.  Its better than plastic, as it will absorb back into the ground, leaving your garden pest free. It actually kills them I think. After a year I was pretty sure the newspaper had disintegrated back into the ground, yet hardly any weeds grew back! Truly, a miracle!
I turned my soil over a week ago, and as I did, I re-papered it. It worked so well last year I couldn’t resist seeing what another coat would do. But this time, I checked with my local newspaper for old copies, hopefully free. Although they did not have old copies, they did have end rolls of blank paper for $3 a roll. Free to schools I think! Check with yours! I did a bed and some container tires with one roll of it. I will be going back for more! This stuff would also be great for banners and posters too!With my little helper. The roll of newspaper is to the lower left corner            IMG_0300

With my little helper. The roll of newspaper is in the lower left

Gardening is so much more pleasant without the weeds. I highly recommend this method.  As my back yard used to be a cow pasture, I don’t have grass, I have weeds! I am looking forward to this planting season, with my new raised beds of tires (they have such a large planting area when you cut the sides out), and NO WEEDS!!! Can I get a whoooo hoooo! 🙂 Carry on!

Live well/Play hard


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