Broken Make-up Fix – Pintested


I certainly needed this handy little piece of information! I had six or seven compacts that were either broken, or near empty. I’m a serious cheap skate and couldn’t part with the little ring of powder left behind.


I followed the simple directions from this site. I used regular rubbing alcohol, a glass bowl, and a spoon. I broke the powder up in the bowl with the spoon. A mortar and pestle would have worked, if I could only find my pestle!

I placed a small mound into one of the deepest, empty compacts. Added just a few drops of water and began to mix. It got quite messy, and I had to keep adding powder and alcohol to fill up the compact. I think it would have been easier to pre-mix, then add to the compact.


After I had a dry paste going on I began to tap it out with my fingers, flattening and evenly distributing the mix into the compact. I did not feel the need to use the plastic wrap. It should be dry enough to handle.

Let dry overnight, and voila! I had a whole new compact for free!


It looks a little rough. I might have done good to use that plastic wrap, (to cover and smooth when wet). A couple of uses should smooth it anyway. It has held together well and is quite useable. I highly approve!


I havent tried this with eyeshadow, but I’m sure it would work as well. If not, here is a pin that explains how to use eyeshadow in nail polish!


Now, what can I do with all those left over mirrors???

Have fun, and please let me know your if you try this! I would love to hear your results!


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