Eustace Conway continues his fight with the government

I have visited Turtle Island and I did not feel in danger one bit except when I went up into the treehouse boat 🙂

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Neither Eustace Conway, nor the things he builds, seem to be made for modern sensibilities.

Conway has lived on Turtle Island Preserve, near Boone, for more than 30 years, just as his ancestors had for generations–in harmony with nature.

But last year, the government in Watauga County told him that doing so was illegal.

They said his buildings were a hazard to visitors and workers on his preserve, and had to shut down.

Now, the North Carolina General Assembly has stepped in and passed a new law that exempts places, like Conway’s, from codes that were used to shut it down.

Both the state House and Senate have passed a law exempting “primitive structures” unanimously.

The bill is headed to Gov. McCrory’s desk.

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