All That Stuff

What kind of stuff am I talking about? The stuff one might see scrolling around on the Internet. Vast amounts of information. It flows across our minds almost in a steady stream. It can be overwhelming at times, for sure. I finally found a way to organize some of it though, and it was through a wonderful web site called Pinterest. Bits of information flow daily, and you simply just grab what you want or need and ‘pin’ them to a ‘board’. Its amazing! I once heard that Pinterest is for hoarders, without the mess! How wonderful, right?

But you barely have time to sort through and collect the information, much less go back and read more in-depth upon the subject. I have recently found some time on my hands, and I get bored very easily. Lucky you! I have put my time to good use and started experimenting! I have tried quite a few ‘pins’ so far, but I will never get through it all, not even all of the stuff I’ve actually pinned! Ah, well. I thought it an obligation of sort to share what I have found. The good, the bad, and the, well, not so pretty. Not everything here came from Pinterest though. Some of it is original and from my own chaotic mind, or learned from other sources. Anyway, I’m glad I can share my growing knowledge with you. Feel free to comment. Not only do I want to share the info, I want to share the love too! Commenting and interacting makes us all the better! So let’s go do this! Follow me at


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