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Hi, I’m Anne. I want to write, not necessarily the next great American novel (although that would be nice), but as a career. I grew up, and currently live, in the Piedmont of North Carolina. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology, but no professional training as a writer. I do not look at this as a weakness, as I am fresh to new ideas and open to a variety of writing formats. I am able to generate written work that is informative, researched based, and non-biased as well as articles that are full of humor and personality. I can give you up to the minute, (or “trending” in the world of social networking) stories and reports that are thoroughly investigated.

The purpose of this blog is to get my work out there as a reference point to my skill as a writer.  It is loosly based on my Pinterest boards. I am currently un-published (other than the self-publishing I do here), and it is my goal to remedy that. Blogging and sharing to social media has a loose format of its own, but my style is adaptable. I do hope to inspire, provoke thought, and inform my readers here, and I highly encourage readers to leave comments and questions.

Personally, I am a bit of an adventurer, a researcher at heart, advice giving, with a sharp wit and a flair to see the not so obvious. I love studying homesteading skills of old. I am new to archery, but have a keen interest in it. I love my kayak,   to crochet, and to garden. My main love is to write. I’ve tried other careers, but my broken road has led me to what I probably should have been doing all along, writing. So here I am.

I hope you enjoy my posts here. If you find something worth-while, please share with others. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you may have. I am available for freelance opportunities. You man contact me personally at girlunderfire@rocketmail.com Thanks for being here!

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